Open World Survival: Arms in Tartarus – SignUp!

Stay tuned for our latest project – a squad management survival crafting game set in the deepest levels of Tartarus. Command a troop of soldiers from various eras who find themselves trapped together in hell. Featuring a continuous procedurally generated… Continue Reading →

Vertexherder offers seminar series PROCEDURAL at Ithaca Generator

  We’re excited to announce that Mark will be presenting a series of seminars on game and new media design and process from 6 to 8pm on alternate tuesday evenings at Ithaca Generator this summer – beginning on June 26th…. Continue Reading →

Custom vignette shader for 360 video

While working on the Virtual Burly project with Becky Lane, I wanted to try some vignette effects to constrain the view area for the user, and to mask out edge details that were distracting.  Although I’ve written some simple shaders… Continue Reading →

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